BEAUTIFUL DEMON SESSIONS is a research project and workshop format by nach3 kollektiv (Karolina Dreit, Carolin Jakoby, Vera Piechulla). 

Our research treats demons of our daily lives. We perceive demons as figures of the in between, meandering between languages, as mediators - neither good nor bad - between our bodies and social or political structures, the material and immaterial, the individual and the collective.

A BEAUTIFUL DEMON SESSION consists in a somatic practice framed by a critical view on current social changes. We were focusing on working conditions and precarization as a sociopolitical phenomenon that concerns all of us. The body work is based on the premise of a precarious body, referring to Judith Butler. Our aim is to examine the potential of a demon as a critical and creative tool, translating personal experience into common practice.

With BEAUTIFUL DEMON RESORT our work ended in August 2017 in a residency in Lagos, Portugal. Latest, when we started to dive into psychoanalysis, the demons took over and led us into chaos. They will rest for a while now in a deep gorge on the cliffs, just besides the ocean, where we buried them at moonlight.