I am teaching embodied anatomy on an irrgeular basis at Heilehaus Kreuzberg. Please subscribe to the newsletter below to stay updated!

This course is an invitation to journey into our body tissues. Everyone interested is welcome to join! As I am obsessed with body tissues, this is where I will put my focus during the course. This could change over time according to your interests and wishes. We will start off with the cells and basic tissues and then go into the different organ systems.
Connecting anatomical and physiological facts with intuitive body knowledge and body memory, we will define tissue by tissue. Using different partner work, self exploration and examination techniques to access the body, we will dive into perception. Dropping our consciousness to the structure of the bones, muscles and fascia, nerves and skin, the truth turns out to be a matter of perspective.


Where: Heilehaus Kreuzberg, Waldemarstraße 36, 10999 Berlin (

When: Fridays 15:30-17:30

What to bring: cozy clothes, note book

How much: sliding scale 3-7 Euros per class

Language: English and/or German

Remarks: Each class consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Drop in possible

Photomicrograph ©Lutz Slomianka