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nach3 kollektiv invites you to the next collective BEAUTIFUL DAEMON SESSION, happening on the 17th of January in Uferstudios Berlin.

We share our research on daemons of our daily lives. Daemons are not exactly demons. They are figures of the in between, meandering between languages. We perceive them as mediators - neither good nor bad - between our bodies and social or political structures, the material and immaterial, the individual and the communal.

We are guiding body work session framed by a critical view on current social changes. Momentarily we are looking at precarization as a sociopolitical phenomenon that concerns all of us. The body work is based on the premise of a precarious body, referring to Judith Butler. Our aim is to examine the potential of a daemon as a critical and creative tool, translating personal experience into common practice.

Limited number of participants! Please reserve: